Particulars of Claim for Breach of Contract South Africa Template

If you are considering taking legal action against someone for breach of contract in South Africa, you may need to file a “particulars of claim.” This document outlines the details of your claim, including the specific terms of the contract that were breached and the damages you are seeking.

Here is a template for a particulars of claim for breach of contract in South Africa:


1. The plaintiff [your name] is a resident of [city/town] in the Republic of South Africa.

2. The defendant [name of the person or company you are suing] is a resident of [city/town] in the Republic of South Africa.

3. The parties entered into a contract on 2023 for [purpose of contract].

4. The agreement stipulated that [briefly summarize the terms of the contract, including any deadlines, promises, or obligations].

5. The plaintiff fulfilled their obligations under the contract by [describe what you did to meet your end of the agreement].

6. The defendant breached the contract by [describe how the defendant failed to meet their obligations under the agreement].

7. As a result of the defendant`s breach, the plaintiff suffered damages, including [list the specific costs or losses you incurred as a result of the breach].

8. The plaintiff has made repeated attempts to resolve the matter with the defendant, but the defendant has failed to take responsibility for their breach or offer adequate compensation.

9. The plaintiff seeks damages in the amount of [state the total amount of compensation you are seeking], plus interest and costs.

10. The plaintiff reserves the right to amend these particulars of claim or to add additional claims as the matter proceeds.

Date: 2023

Signed: [your signature]

As with any legal document, it is important to consult with a lawyer or legal consultant before submitting your particulars of claim to the court. They can help you ensure that your claim is accurately and effectively presented, and that you are following the proper procedures for filing a claim in South Africa. Additionally, incorporating relevant keywords and phrases can help improve the visibility of the document in search engines.

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